Frith Frames offer a full restoration service for oil paintings on canvas or board. We can re-line ripped canvase, clean etchings and prints to remove foxing and water stains. We have one of the UK's top oil paiting restorers available to provide you with the best service possible.
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Restoration of Artwork

Restoration is a very specialised subject and should never be attempted by an unqualified person.

We offer a full Restoration service for Oil Paintings on Canvas and on Board. Including Re-lining to repair ripped Canvas and repainting only where necessary.

We are very fortunate to having one of the UK’s top oil restorers, working with us, who we have known for many years and has always provided us with the best service possible.

We can also undertake the cleaning of some etchings and prints to remove foxing and water stains.

Most frame restoration is a service which we can carry out on the premises. Which includes Re-bronzing – Gilding and Repair.

All restoration is undertaken without liability although every assurance is sought as to the level of improvement and relative safety of each job, from the relevant restorer/s, prior to any work being undertaken.